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Púchov Rail – frame, SK

A couple of recent photos from the site. The frame clear span is 9,5m and rise 6,0m. The length is 62,5m.

Plesovice, CZ

A smaller job for a local road authority south from České Budějovice (Budweis) we installed in Sep 2019. The main contractor was SaM. The arch is precast (10,2m span and 3,8m rise) as well as the wing walls cladded with stone as requested by the local authority to match the old bridge.

LK 31 Czeremcha – Hajnowka, PL

We have installed two new rail bridge incl all the wingwalls on the rail line No. 31 in Hajnowka in just 2 days each. Manufacturing took us only 30 days. The bridge in km107,884 is 7,5m span and in km118,079 is 10,0m span.

D1 – new green bridge, CZ

D1 motorway between the cities of Prague and Brno is around 200 km long and is the oldest in the Czech Republic with its first sections being build from 1967 till 1980. The motorway has been undergoing a total refurbishment over the past few years. The works are divided into 25 sections and 25 contracts.