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Happy New Year 2021!

LK 93 Trzebinia – Oswiecim, PL

Fresh site photos of the first phase of bridge replacements on the LK 93 Trzebinia – Oswiecim rail line in Poland, bridge in km 16,353. ABM is responsible for design, manufacture and installation of 7 bridges..

Púchov Rail – frame, SK

A couple of recent photos from the site. The frame clear span is 9,5m and rise 6,0m. The length is 62,5m.

Plesovice, CZ

A smaller job for a local road authority south from České Budějovice (Budweis) we installed in Sep 2019. The main contractor was SaM. The arch is precast (10,2m span and 3,8m rise) as well as the wing walls cladded with stone as requested by the local authority to match the old bridge.
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