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D1 – new green bridge, CZ

D1 motorway between the cities of Prague and Brno is around 200 km long and is the oldest in the Czech Republic with its first sections being build from 1967 till 1980. The motorway has been undergoing a total refurbishment over the past few years. The works are divided into 25 sections and 25 contracts.
A video of installation of a new ABM arch on the new motorway section of D35, all other info could be found in the video.

Luzec nad Vltavou, CZ – dron video

300sqm of permanent shuttering EMJ Permadeck installed on the bridge main steel frame lifted by a 500t mobile crane on Thursday 19/03 into its final position over the canal on Vltava river

Púchov Rail – frame, SK

9,5m x 6,0m clear span and rise and 62,5m long new frame under the rail realignment next to Nosice dam installed last week.