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Hradek, CZ

A new road bridge under a busy international road. The Employer was private, VGP Developer, connection two warehouses. ABM Frame 6m span installed in two phases incl all the bridge wingwalls.

Kekava Bypass, Latvia

The first PPP job in Latvia and also the first ABM arch in the country. We have finished installing all of 5 ABM arch structures.

S11 Bobolice, Poland

We have just finished installing a new green bridge (4 span arch structure) in Poland on S11 Koszalin to Szczecinek. Odc. 3 Koszalin Pld. – Bobolice. We had overcome many obstacles installing structures in the past but never faced issues like struggling to get diesel for the crane and other machinery as on this job.

PF 2022

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