Railway bridge in Pnovany, CZ

Railway bridge in Pnovany
Replacement of a 120 years old bridge, on its end of life

• Open design without the bottom slab, for maximum ground clearance
• Slope around the wings must copy the existing embankment
• Replacement of old bridge with an aesthetical architectural solution
• A fast solution with minimal impact on the building site traffic and the environment

• Using an arch system based on a flat feet
• Finding a suitable combination of 15sqm wall elements and 20sqm roof elements
• Reducing the width of the bridge using an edge beam
• Use of precast wing walls, to allow for solid earthworks required by the railway line

  • CLIENT SŽDC, Construction Manager Plzen
  • YEAR 2008
  • INSTALATION15 April 2008
  • DESIGNERSudop Praha, VIN Consult
  • STRUCTURECM4 15 x 20 Arch precast structure
  • SPAN5,8m
  • HEIGHT3,5m
  • LENGTH10,0m (4 rings of 2,5m)
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