We have been installing precast bridges for almost a quarter of a century now. Having installed almost 1 000 structures by an expert team of project managers, site engineers and installing professionals, ABM has the resources to deliver on time for the most challenging precast concrete supply.

On most projects and especially where installation time is critical (typically during railway possession working) we carry out a full trial erection of the precast components in the structure ensuring that no unforeseen issues arise when time is key.

The standard time required to install a standard single rail line bridge 8m span over a local road ranges from 8-14 hours incl. for the wingwalls. In addition, we can install safely our precast structures over existing rail lines, roads and even motorways. We can deliver our precast bridge units at even remote job sites, for example replacing an existing old rail bridges in the middle of forest or crop fields.

The rapid constraction means fewer issues for the site management and overhead costs starting with cleaning the roads over to site managing of deliveries like formwork, RC steel, concrete etc. The weather has no effect on our installation.

All projects carried out by ABM Bridge System are covered by our Professional Indemnity Insurance, this is an indication of the commitment ABM has to our compliance certification for completed projects - further reassurance of the high quality of construction.