ABM’s unique precast Arch and Portal Frame system maximises the benefits of soil/structure interaction to produce a large range of innovative bridging solutions supported by a comprehensive design, manufacture and install ‘One Stop Shop’ service.

The company’s extensive product range is supported by a dedicated technical, development and design service. With over 20 years’ experience supplying large civil engineering projects and an expert team of design and manufacturing professionals, ABM has the resources to provide technical support for the most challenging precast concrete supply.

Our highly qualified design team and consultants are available to undertake any aspect of the design and detailing of the precast components needed for your project.

Increasingly, the construction is embracing alternative contracting models such as Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) to deliver complex and large projects; as the benefits of precast concrete are best exploited when its use is considered from the very start of a project, ABM are always keen to work with contractors and designers to explore precast concrete options and identify the optimum solution.

Precast concrete gets the job done faster – major components can be factory produced simultaneously with site preparation. On site, precast concrete minimises the construction risks as well as environmental impact of construction, creating less noise, debris and pollution risk.

As said above, ABM’s precast systems are very subtle thanks to its principle of interaction with the backfill thus having savings up to 60% of volume of concrete compare to in-situ structures. Which not just leads to cheaper costs but also to lesser carbon footprint.

With a projected engineered lifespan in excess of 100 years, ABM Mosty offers a durable solution.