I/50 – Handlová centre bypass, SK

I/50 – Handlová centre bypass
I/50 Handlová – centre bypass, bridge SO201-10
Construction of the only bridge on the 541m long bypass of the city centre

• The need for quick installation with minimal impact of site pollution (sound + dust) to nearby housing zone
• Lowering risks compare to in-situ procedure, installation in winter period
• Complex solution required including for wingwalls and edge beams

• Precast ABM system installed onto in-situ foundation deck
• Use of precast wingwalls and edge beams to maximize the speed of construction
• 4 openings dia 600mm in the structure to allow connection of local drains
• Installation in two phases to allow coordinate with site progress

  • CLIENT SSC Bratislava, IvaSC Žilina
  • YEAR 2010
  • INSTALATION15/02/2010–19/02/2010 and 24/04/2010, total 6 days
  • CONTRACTORStrabag s.r.o.
  • DESIGNERISPO Prešov s.r.o.
  • STRUCTUREPrecast box structure OC 5,0m x 2,6
  • SPAN5,0m (clear)
  • HEIGHT2,6m (clear)
  • LENGTH55m (22 rings by 2,5m)
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