I/9 Vehlovice, bridge 9 – 020, CZ

I/9 Vehlovice, bridge 9 – 020
Replacement of an old stone bridge with a new structure

On the first class road I/9 in section Melnik – Duba, there is a gradual reconstruction of several bridges. These are usually in very bad condition and are planned for demolition of the existing structure and total reconstruction. This is also the case of the bridge No. 9-020. The original construction of the arched bridge marl stone was in very bad condition after the many ears in service. The new support structure was designed initially as a cast-in-situ solution. However, when considering all the circumstances and risks of the planned construction progress, ie, transportation and installation of casing into a deep trench and then casting itself in several stages, the concept of a massive in-situ arch was replaced by thin precast arches. The approval of this change was supported by the lower cost of the precast structure and the fact that the structure will be installed in just one day, without traffic restrictions on primary roads. The architectural design includes spandrel walls of bricks connected with the reinforced soil. The whole structure is a very good example of current trends in the field of geotechnical engineering, ie, subtle and flexible concrete structure consisting of a reinforced earth embankment. The bridge is also designed for extreme load special equipment weighing 531 tons or 2x392t as per the Czech Standard CSN 73 62 03.

  • CLIENT ŘSD ČR (Czech Highway Agency)
  • YEAR 2010
  • INSTALATION16/03/2010
  • CONTRACTORSDS Exmost s.r.o.
  • STRUCTURECM4 64 wall x 15 roof arch precast system
  • SPAN6,9m (internal)
  • HEIGHT6,3m (internal)
  • LENGTH11m
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