National Road I/11 Hrádek – realignment, CZ

Rail upgrade together with road I/11 realignment in Hrádek
Construction of a new bridge under I. class road over a local road

The bridge structure SO 15-19-07 was specified in the tender documentation as in-situ frame structure. ABM approached the main contractor Alpine and proposed an alternative from precast frame system of the same specifics. Alpine, considering the very tight construction space given by the fact that the new realignment was situated between the existing I/11 road and existing rail, welcomed the proposal to have the full main structure installed in just TWO days. The assessment of the quotation price and the original budget for the in-situ option was positive so the next design phase – the construction design – was, after negotiations with the Employer’s authorities, proceeded with the precast option. ABM provided for the main consultant SHB with the structural calculations of the precast frame structure and the wingwalls included for the drawings of the elements. The installation was executed in two phases. During the first phase the main structure was installed in just two days followed by casting of the in-situ heels and proceeding partially of the backfill. After that ABM came once again and in just one day installed all the precast “L” shaped wingwalls of the structure at the foundation level +850mm compared to the foundation level of the walls of the main structure. So the whole installation of the bridge structure took only 3 working days. Moreover the bridge is constructed so it can be extended in the future to full 4 line motorway.

  • CLIENT Czech Rails and Czech Highway Agency
  • YEAR 2010
  • INSTALATION22/03/2010 – 23/03/2010 and wingwalls 20/04/2010
  • CONTRACTORAlpine Bau CZ in Joint Venture
  • STRUCTUREPrecast frame structure OC 9,5m x 5,55m incl precast wingwalls
  • SPAN9,5m (clear)
  • HEIGHT5,55m (clear), min. clearance envelope 4,6m
  • LENGTH13,5m as 4 rings by 2,50m + 2 rings by 1,75m
  • TAGS