Žilina link to D1, SK

R3 Horná Štubňa, SK

R2 Mýtná – Tomášovce, SK

Prešov West Bypass, SK

PF 2023

Lovosice – Česká Lípa rail, CZ

Replacing of an old rail bridge with ABM precast frame.

Sychrov, CZ

Replacement of an old existing road bridge over rail line. Due difficult access we used a train crane and delivered the units to site on wagons.

Sobeslav – Doubi rail, CZ

A new twin rail line realignment with two new ABM arch structures – one arch bridge over the rail and one green bridge over the rail.

Kbelska, Prague, CZ

Two new pedestrian rail underpasses in Prague, both installed in two phases keeping the rail line open.

Knezice, CZ

A new ABM precast arch bridge replacing existing old stone bridge. Installed in one phase under one rail track.